For Studio Banana Things, what started off as a faintly absurd idea for helping people to sleep on the go has turned into a fourth successfully crowdfunded product. The new Ostrich Pillow Go is a travel pillow of varying thickness to ensure users can find a comfy head position when snoozing.

As with other travel pillows, the Ostrich Pillow Go wraps around the neck. It, however, has hidden magnetic buttons that are used to secure it in place. A row of three magnets on one side of the pillow allows it to accommodate different neck sizes.

The pillow's undulating shape provides adaptability, with the user able to rotate it so as to allegedly provide support where it's required. That support is provided by a memory foam interior, for which Studio Banana Things says it tested hundreds of samples over a number of months. To save space for portability, the foam allows the Ostrich Pillow Go to be compressed in size by up to 60 percent. The foam is covered in a protective cotton layer and there's a removable, washable sleeve too.

Studio Banana Things brought the original Ostrich Pillow to Kickstarter four years ago. Its unusual head-covering design, reminiscent of an ostrich with its head in the sand, gave the product its name. After a resounding success, the company returned with a smaller version called the Ostrich Pillow Light, followed by version that could be worn on the arm called the Ostrich Pillow Mini.

As with each of those, the Ostrich Pillow Go is aimed at providing comfort when sleeping away from your bed. The provision of head support is something that none of the previous products have offered, though.

The crowdfunding campaign for the Ostrich Pillow Go is live on Kickstarter. At the time of writing, pledges from US$40 will be rewarded with one of the pillows, assuming all goes to plan with the manufacturing and roll-out. Although the pillow seems like it'll just smoosh down under any kind of pressure, just like other memory foam travel pillows, the campaign is thus far charging along, having well exceeded its initial goal of $50,000.

Shipping is expected from April next year.

The video below is Kickstarter pitch for the Ostrich Pillow Go, but it seems to us that the actors in the clip aren't really putting the pillow through its paces by truly snuggling into the thing. It seems more like they're holding their heads in just the right position to make the pillow look supportive. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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