Ostrich Pillow

  • For every truly groundbreaking concept there are a hundred others that should have stayed as smudges on a whiteboard. Since the flow of bad ideas never seems to end, New Atlas once again picks through the cream of the crap to highlight some more of the worst Kickstarters we’ve seen recently.
  • The folks behind the wacky, yet wildly successful Ostrich Pillow are back with an equally strange piece of comfort-oriented headwear. The Ostrich Pillow Loop is equal parts blindfold and pillow, but promises to do a better job of blocking out light than a standard eye mask thanks to a snugger fit.
  • ​Shopping for frequent flyers can be difficult: Due to sheer necessity, they likely already have everything they need to navigate the inherent challenges of air travel. Here’s a selection of innovative gifts and gadgets that should surprise and please even the most well-equipped of travelers.
  • For Studio Banana Things, what started off as a faintly absurd idea for helping people to sleep on the go has turned into a fourth successfully crowdfunded product. The new Ostrich Pillow Go is a travel pillow of varying thickness to ensure users can find a comfy head position when snoozing.
  • When you have a busy lifestyle or you're traveling, you can miss out on sleep. To combat this, Kawamura Ganjavian dreamt up the now (in)famous Ostrich Pillow, which became a reality in 2012. The subsequent Ostrich Pillow Light was slightly more practical, as too is the new Ostrich Pillow Mini.
  • Following hot on the heels of the original Ostrich Pillow for adults and Ostrich Pillow Junior for kids comes the Ostrich Pillow Light. This version of the power napping accessory is aimed at travellers, who can don the apparel to help them catch 40 winks.