Quick snowboard binding tech works with any boot, doesn't feel "weird"

Quick snowboard binding tech w...
The Quick Step Binding system is currently on Kickstarter
The Quick Step Binding system is currently on Kickstarter
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The Quick Step Binding system is currently on Kickstarter
The Quick Step Binding system is currently on Kickstarter

While some snowboarders do find traditional boot-binding systems to be overly-fiddly, simple step-in systems have drawbacks of their own. The Quick Step Binding system, however, reportedly combines the best features of both.

Created by Montreal-based snow sports company Unit, the Quick Step is claimed to work with any make or model of snowboard boot, it isn't encumbered by snow buildup within the system, and it reportedly has the same "feel" as a traditional binding system once engaged.

By contrast, Unit claims that many other step-in quick-binding systems require the use of a system-specific boot, they may not engage if the snow isn't cleared out of their binding mechanism, and the boots often flex in an off-putting unusual fashion.

To use the Quick Step Binding, users just step back into its rubber-lined platform, fold its flexible padded plastic "cup" section across the top of their boot, insert that cup's toothed strap into a ratcheting mechanism on the lower part of the binding, then cinch everything down by flipping a metal quick-release lever.

The whole process reportedly takes just three seconds for each foot. Getting the boot out again likewise simply requires another lever-flip.

Should you be interested, the Quick Step is presently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. Assuming the bindings reach production, a pledge of US$189 will get you a set. The planned retail price is $369.

You can see the system in use, in the video below.

Source: Kickstarter

Quick Step Snowboard Binding

I hate to be one to say it's already been done but I have a pair that I love. They are Flow Pro FS bindings from way back in the 90's. Here is a link to what they looked like from 2006. Very similar.


Flow changed their style somewhat from instead a full boot top to a segmented one. I do like the full boot style.
yeah pj I had a pair of these as well in the 90s, I loved them. It meant I could latch my back foot in/out of the snowboard binding on the go. No more sitting on the floor at the top of the lift with the other boarders, strapping in. Straight out of the lift and off, like the skiers can do, priceless.