Finding the average camping trailer ill-prepared for all of the obstacles of life on the road, a new Oregon-based company is building its off-road caravan up to an "overkill" standard. While one man's overkill might be another's shortage, it seems clear that OverKill Campers has gone above and beyond average with its S.O.5.10 off-road trailer. The package includes a rugged steel frame, honeycomb core composite body with expansion slide-out, and wraparound galley, among other features.

"For nearly four years, on every overlanding trip, my wife and I would keep a list of 'desires' on the back page of the Oregon Gazetteer," OverKill founder Dave Poe explains on the company's website. "We would constantly hone our equipment list to better suit our needs - things we could do without and things we could not live without."

The couple eventually built that thoughtful list into the OverKill Camper, a rugged, boxy caravan with serious attitude and an impressive list of features. The most obvious of its signature features is the expansion slide-out, which pops to the side to open up a roomy cabin you won't find in the typical off-road teardrop or small box trailer. OverKill played with the idea of an electric slide-out but ultimately decided that simple was best for an off-roader and went with a manual pull.

The 75 x 53-in (191 x 135-in) bed works with the bench across from it, seating occupants around the adjustable dining table. So you can sit, eat, sleep and lounge inside this particular compact camping trailer. You can also use the bed without deploying the slide-out, an advantage when space is limited or you want to hop right into bed with no fuss.

Another feature that stands out in the S.O.5.10 is the galley layout. Much like other small trailers, the S.O.5.10 has a tailgate with food prep area. However, you won't find a stove, sink or fridge here, as those are located on slide-outs on the side opposite the expansion module. The standard kitchen slide includes a worktop and sink with folding faucet, while a Partner Steel dual-burner stove and separate fridge slide are available optionally.

The tailgate area is left for prep and storage, housing a slide-out worktop and large cabinetry unit. There's also a pass-through to the interior, making it a bit easier to hand food, condiments, utensils and more to those sitting inside at the table.

OverKill's standard equipment package includes a 26-gal (98-L) fresh water tank, on-demand water pump, dual Trojan T-105 batteries, LED lighting, a variety of electrical outlets, a key code entry system, and dual backup cameras with iOS/Android compatibility. Also included is a set of four Silipint glasses and bowls.

Underneath, a 2 x 3-in steel tube frame teams with a Timbren 3500HD Axle-less suspension in powering over rough, bumpy terrain. A rear bumper and front sliders provide protection, and modular tube fenders stand over BFGoodrich 285/75/R16 tires. The body includes a honeycomb core composite shell, full insulation and a high-pressure laminate interior structure.

While OverKill does add a little extra space and comfort to the fundamental functions of the caravan - shelter and food supply - it stops short of creating a large luxury box with all the comforts of home.

"We did not design the all-inclusive resort camper with a porch and three TVs because that's not what you need," Poe explains. "This camper begs you to get outside and enjoy the world – not just your daily, indoor slice of it. It's also there to keep you safe and warm in the wild nights when bears come to camp and heavy rains slice against the windowpane."

OverKill looks to have found a nice middle ground between luxe, expensive off-road caravans like the Lotus Tremor and Bruder EXP-6 and simpler off-road teardrops and box trailers. The S.O.5.10 includes extra interior living space for more comfortable nights and days sheltering from rough weather, along with more food prep functionality, all without weighing you down in unnecessary and expensive amenities that take your attention away from the experiences of traveling and camping.

The S.O.5.10 starts at US$22,850, and OverKill offers all kinds of options, including the aforementioned stove and fridge, a propane cabin heater, a hot water heater, air conditioning, a tubular roof rack and exo-cage, various awning options, solar charging and a generator. You can see more on the full options/pricing list.

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