Compulsive shoppers aren't the only ones benefitting from the rise of online retailers, with unattended packages providing plenty of opportunity for porch plunderers. The Package Guard is a simple solution designed to scare off shady characters by sounding an alarm when a delivery is removed by someone other than the intended recipient.

Measuring around the same size as a frisbee, the Package Guard is powered by four AA batteries and can be planted on a front porch to provide a temporary home for incoming deliveries. When the courier places a package on the disc, the Wi-Fi-connected Package Guard sends an email or text message to let the owner know a delivery has arrived and arms an alarm that is only disabled when they reply to the message with the word "OFF."

If the package is removed beforehand, then the alarm is triggered. Said to be as loud as a fire or car alarm, this blaring deterrent won't be enough to guarantee the safety of the package, but certainly won't make life easier for thieves either.

The Package Guard follows other approaches to securing packages, such as connected mailboxes and larger security containers, though it must be said, it is one of the more straightforward solutions we've looked at. As a result it comes a lighter price tag, with its makers promising backers of its Kickstarter campaign (which kicks off on March 8 US time) a Package Guard for an early pledge of US$40 (expected retail price is $79). Setting out to raise $45,000, the team hopes to ship in September 2016 if the campaign runs as planned.

You can check out the pitch video below.

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