While there are plenty of stands for tablets that are designed to sit on a flat surface, such as the TabGrip, what happens when you're on the bus or reclining on the couch? You'll have to hold the device in one hand and do all your touching and swiping with the other, right? Well, those days could be over thanks to an innovative multi-purpose tablet stand called the PadPivot. With a curved base that sits as comfortably on a desktop as it does on the tablet user's thigh, the PadPivot is designed to provide hands-free support to a tablet so users can devote both their hands to the important touchy tasks at hand.

The PadPivot is a Kickstarter project that reached its US$10,000 target after two days and is now in stores. The device features a rounded base and a pivoting head that allows a tablet to be positioned at that best viewing angle and folds up so it can be slipped into your pocket. The surface of the base is made from non-slip rubber, but for those times when you're getting knocked around the place, such as a bumpy bus or train ride, the stand can be tethered to your leg with the included strap.

Designed to suit a variety of tablets and e-Readers or even mobile phones, the PadPivot head attaches to your mobile device of choice with a sticky grip plate. The grip plate comes with a dust cover to keep it clean when not in use and can be cleaned under warm running water.

The creators of the PadPivot have made a deal with Rocketfish to bring the device to a wider market and it is available now for US$39.99.

The promo video below runs us through the features of the PadPivot:

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