Spanish designers Alessandra Samson and Paco Serinelli from Anatomica Design have come up with a novel way to transform old wooden pallets into a rustic eco-kitchen. Dubbed Paletina, the kitchen island structure has been built using reclaimed pallets and other materials found on the streets of Barcelona. In combination with a sheet of glass, a stove top, an oven, a sink, some wiring and plumbing, this simple design makes for an easy DIY pallet-kitchen.

The Paletina kitchen comprises a work station, which includes oven, chopping board and an electric stove top that is positioned back to back with a single stainless steel sink. The work station is framed with reclaimed pallets and sits neatly next to the adjoining pallet bench which has been covered with a single sheet of glass. This section features a series of stacked pallets and doubles as a functional preparation space or eating bench.

Furthermore, the different layers and sections of pallets can be used as open shelving to store food, pots, cups, plates or other kitchen items. To accompany the kitchen module, Anatomica has also designed a quirky wine rack made from a recycled filing cabinet.

If you think you might want to have go at building your own pallet kitchen here’s what you will need to get your hands on:

  • 6 pallets 120 x 80cm (47 x 31.5 inch)
  • 3 pallets American type 100 x 120cm (39.5 x 47 inch)
  • 1 pallet 60 x 80cm (23.6 x 31.5 inch)
  • 1 pallet American type from 130 x 110 cm (51 x 43 inch)
  • 1 pallet 100 x 80 cm (39.5 x 31.5 inch)
  • 1 laminated glass sheet
  • 1 stove top
  • 1 oven
  • 1 kitchen sink

That being said, there are some safety issues that should be acknowledged when building from reclaimed pallets. It is quite common for manufacturers to treat pallet wood with dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde in order to prevent decay and pest infestation. This is because the pallets have been built to be disposed of after use and not intended to be brought into the family home.

Green Upgrader offers some hints on how to tell if your reclaimed pallet wood is safe for upcycling, or if in doubt head to your local building supplier and purchase some cheap local wood that’s similar to the wood used for pallets ... and then, happy building!

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