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PalmPeeler tackles last frontier of kitchen chores

PalmPeeler tackles last frontier of kitchen chores
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August 11, 2007 Peeling vegetables has to rate right up there with taking out the garbage and cleaning the latrine as one of the least popular household duties and given the vagaries in the way vegetables grow, a cost-effective machine that does it automatically is probably still a few decades away. Indeed, it might prove easier to genetically engineer vegies to grow in a more uniform manner. In the meantime there’s the PalmPeeler - a gold medal winning device at the Business Week IDEA 2007 awards that promises to reduce global misery by just a few percentage points.

The PalmPeeler is designed as an “extension of the hand” that makes the task of peeling vegetables more intuitive. The device sits in the palm of your hand and is held steady by a ring over your finger. A rubber pad contoured to fit the hand provides the working platform and keeps the stainless steel blade safely away from your fingers. There’s also an eyer at the tip of the blade for attacking that most troublesome of vegetables – the potato.

The PalmPeeler comes in a range of colors as well as a stainless steel version.

The Chef'n Corporation PalmPeeler adds the IDEA 2007 Gold Medal to a string of awards including “Best in Category” at the 2007 Housewares Design Awards and an award for "Design Distinction" in the category of Consumer Products by the International Design (ID) Magazine's 52nd Annual Design Review.

The PalmPeeler is available via Chef'n Corporation.

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