Appearing at IFA, Panasonic has unveiled a brand new refrigerator which the company states is the first-ever A+++rated two-door refrigerator – making it the most energy-efficient two-door fridge, worldwide. Named the NR-B55VE1, it consumes 262 kWh/year of electricity, which by our reckoning amounts to a mean power consumption of 30 W. Gizmag was on hand to take a look.

Despite its green credentials, the NR-B55VE1 still offers features which one may associate with an energy-guzzling refrigerator, such as Panasonic's patented "Vitamin-Safe" technology, which is designed to store fruit and vegetables in isolation from the rest of the fridge contents in order to keep them fresh. In addition to its own high-humidity environment, the Vitamin-Safe compartment makes use of twin flashing LEDs intended to activate the natural protective mechanisms of fruit and vegetables, and keep the natural vitamins locked in.

The NR-B55VE1 also features a door alarm, child lock, a holiday function and Panasonic's "Super Freeze" feature, which cools food placed into the freezer compartment very rapidly. In addition, the NR-B55VE1 is said to run “at a whisper” – or 38 dB, to be precise.

The black model pictured is at present a concept model only, though the NR-B55VE1 will be available in grey from November. Its price has yet to be confirmed.

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