What's more fun than camping? Bringing a trailer full of toys with you and spending your days playing outside and nights sleeping under the stars. We've seen a number of solutions for these types of adventure trips over the years, from the raised tent platforms of the SylvanSport Go and Xventure XV-2, to the multi-purpose interior of the Teal Tail Feather, to light camper vans like the Outside Lava Flow. The new Patriot TH610 provides another: a flatbed on the back of a pop-up camping trailer.

Designed to be a camping trailer "like no other in the Australian market," the TH610 (that's Toy Hauler 610) performs like a combination of two of Patriot Campers' other products, the X1 camping trailer and the TH470 Toy Hauler. Instead of carrying your toys in the trailer below the sleeping platform, as in the Xventure XV-2, or above a pull-out tent, like on the BCT MOAB Yak, it puts them behind the camping trailer on a dedicated 9.8 x 5.6-foot (3 x 1.7-m) deck.That metal deck sits over top the dual axles and holds a side-by-side UTV, two sit-atop ATVs, two jet skis or five dirt bikes. That means you can bring enough fun for yourself, for you and your significant other, or for an entire group of friends.

Up ahead of the toy-haulin' deck, the camper box holds a kitchen area that pops open and slides out of the left side. The slide-out includes a sink and room for a 60L refrigerator. There's a fold-down counter for food prep and a two-burner stove. A pantry and cutlery drawer give you some storage. The standard awning provides sun and light weather protection, and the flat-top fenders provide extended countertop space.

The TH610 comes with a 31.7-US gal (120L) standard water tank that feeds not only the kitchen sink but an external gas-heated shower. The camper box is also equipped with a Fusion marine stereo system, LED lights and a 120Ah battery-based electrical system to keep everything powered. A comprehensive command center provides control of things like the lights, refrigerator and stereo.Buyers can select from a number of tents to secure atop the camper box, including a James Baroud hardshell pop-top and a larger king-size fold-out. The short, open storage cage between the box-top tent and camper box provides storage for large items like chairs, tables and solar panels. The TH610 also packs 2,000 liters of sealed, dust-proof storage through its series of drawers, cabinets and boxes.

The TH610 measures 20 feet (6.1 m) long, 7.9 feet (2.4 m) wide and 7 feet (2.15 m) high with the box-top tent. It features aluminum body construction on top of a rugged interlocked galvanized chassis with an independent four-trailing-arm suspension with eight shock absorbers. The 20 inches (500 mm) of ground clearance help in navigating over rocks, roots and other obstacles, as do the 285/75 R16 Mud Terrain tires. Suspension airbags provide quick, push-button leveling.

Among the available TH610 options are various special styling packages, refrigerators and solar panels. An automated boat loader is the newest accessory, using an integrated winch to slowly lower your boat right down at the water's edge and lift it back up onto the rack when it's time to leave. The design carries a 12.8-foot (3.9-m) boat over top the UTV or dirt bikes on the cargo deck. You can watch it in action in the video below.
Given its large size, the TH610 won't necessarily be ideal for every trip or track, and at AUD$60K (US$42,150), it's a lot of coin, especially when you consider the rather spartan sleeping accommodations compared to other camper vans and trailers in that price range. Still, if you have the money, need a way of spending a few nights in distant spaces with your favorite toys, and don't mind sleeping behind basic canvas, it's a pretty sweet set-up. Those that don't need the gear deck should look at the AUD$32,299 X1 camping trailer, which served as the inspiration for the TH610's camper box.
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