Guitarists love to mess around with tone, making their instrument sound like it's crying, buzzing like an angry wasp or roaring like a pride of lions. But the pursuit of the strange or novel can lead to out of control pedalboards and power problems. A Pedal Pod is a standalone module that sits under a stomp, with built-in cabling and adjustable power. And it loves company, locking with other Pods to form bigger and bigger pedalboards.

The Pedal Pods system grows with your stomp needs into a modular, locking pedalboard with its own isolated power source. Players who own effects pedals with different power needs will no doubt appreciate the ability to choose from 5, 9, 12, 15 or 18 volts with the flick of a switch.

Users are not restricted to a conventional rectangular form factor either, they can build a pedal board as they see fit. The Pedal Pods layout could be L-shaped or M-shaped, for example, and rock two, three or more rows of pedals.

Each Pod comes with two separate – but combinable – loops for direct-in and effects send/return, while built-in noise reduction technology and a selectable buffer help maintain a guitar's original tone strength and purity.

This looks like a pretty neat idea, but a lot will depend on the weight of each Pod as eight or more units could prove too heavy to easily move around. Pedal Evolution out of Richmond, VA, says that each module is lightweight, but no figures are given. But having isolated power supplies in each Pod should put an end to venue power woes.

And that's about all we know for the moment. The Pedal Pods were on display at the NAMM Show earlier this month, but pricing and availability is not known at this time.

Source: Pedal Pods

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