Using the bathroom can be a dull activity. To relieve the boredom some people read a book, others complete a crossword, and others just twiddle their thumbs. In this gadget-obsessed age, smartphones and tablets have entered the bathroom boredom-relief equation, and it seems there's an emerging market for accessories to assist those who like to mix technology with toilet breaks.

The Pedestal Stand for iPad from CTA Digital is designed to aid your use of the Apple tablet while you do whatever you need to do in the bathroom. It's made of chrome, has a heavy base (7.5 inches / 19 cm in diameter) to keep it from toppling over, and features a 10-inch (25 cm) bendable gooseneck stand that holds your iPad securely in position.

You can adjust the neck to "any viewing angle, orientation or position you may need," and the stand reaches up to 32 inches (81 cm) in height. The total weight of the Pedestal Stand for iPad is 7.25 lbs (3.3 kg) before the tablet is added to the mix. This is the adult equivalent of the iPotty (from the same company) featured previously on Gizmag. Just without the need for toilet training.

The toilet roll holder is optional (as are anti-bacterial wipes), and CTA Digital is also working on a variation which replaces it with a cup holder (as seen in some of the images in the gallery). The Pedestal Stand for iPad retails for US$44.99. It's compatible with the iPad 2 and iPad (3rd and 4th Generations).

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