As the tiny house scene has grown, so has the size of many of the homes being built and relatively large tiny houses seem to be the new norm nowadays. That said, the recently-completed Pemberley from Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses is definitely one of the biggest we've seen yet. Measuring 37 ft (11.2 m)-long, it includes some well thought-out additions to make daily life more pleasant for the family of five who live in it.

The Pemberley weighs in at a considerable 21,000 lb (around 9,525 kg) and is based on an interesting custom trailer. Air-ride suspension offers fine control over the ride firmness, while a six-point automatic leveling system enables the home to be easily leveled on arrival at a new spot – this should prove handy as the owners are a military family who will tow it regularly.

The tiny house is clad in cedar board and batten, painted purple with grey trim, and insulated with SIPs (structural insulated panels). Inside, it has a total floorspace of 460 sq ft (42.7 sq m), with a ground floor layout centered around a living room, which looks bare in the photos as the furniture wasn't yet installed.

The bathroom includes a vanity unit, large shower and a Nature's Head composting toilet. Notable features in the kitchen include a heavy duty safe, small wood-burning stove, granite countertops, custom cabinetry, and some fancy appliances like Miele induction cooktop, hood and combination steam and convection oven, Bosch fridge, an on-demand hot water system, and a garbage disposal system.

A small utility room is located next to the kitchen and contains more cabinetry, a pantry, a separate washing machine and dryer, and a large closet.

The utility room leads to one of the kids bedrooms, which is located in the gooseneck part of the trailer and accessed by a small steel pipe ladder. A trundle bunk bed will be installed here that sleeps two usually but can fit another child if needed. A pocket door offers some privacy.

The Pemberley's upstairs area is accessed from the living room using a neat ladder mounted on a modified caster system that swivels upwards to minimize the space it takes up when not in use.

Once upstairs, a large catwalk joins the main bedroom and a another kids bedroom, which includes two closets. To offer at least some privacy between the two bedrooms, Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses installed two sets of vertical louvers. The louvers open and close, to provide a visual link between the two areas when required, or blocking it if not.

The Pemberley gets power from a standard RV-style hookup and, in addition to the wood burner, also includes a mini-split air-con unit, heat recovery ventilation unit and fans for managing the interior temperature. LED lighting is installed both inside and on the exterior, mostly on the home's underside.

No word on the price for this one, but given its size and the custom additions, we'd say its safe to assume it's one of the firms pricier models.

Check out the video below for a tour of the tiny home.

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