Throw away your keyboard – well almost - the PEREGRINE USB glove can be customized for over 30 user-programmable actions allowing you to react more quickly in intense gaming situations. The glove allows the wearer to carry out those time sensitive gaming commands with a twitch of a finger by utilizing the touch sensitive pads embedded in the fingers and palm of the glove.

The glove has three Activator Pads – one on the thumb tip, another on the middle of the thumb, and one on the palm. Whenever these Activator Pads make contact with a Touch Point on a finger, a “keystroke” is instantly sent to the game. Each finger has five Touch Points. It connects to a PC via a USB cable connected to a magnetic break-away pod that sits on the back of the hand and detaches so you don't pull your gaming rig off your desk when throwing your hands up in triumph after winning a hard-fought battle.

The PEREGRINE has micro-wound, stainless steel, spring contact wires running up the face and back down the side of each finger. The glove's magnetic connector pod senses where exactly you're touching along these contact wires. When you calibrate The PEREGRINE, you tell it which area on the wire you want to touch (Touch Points) and assign a character to that Touch Point. When the thumb makes contact with a specific Touch Point, the pod instantly triggers that character

The PEREGRINE is most effective in RTS games but can be used for any game requiring the use of hotkeys and fast responses.

As the glove is essentially a keyboard on your hand it can also be configured to trigger all sorts of non-gaming applications. When using Photoshop, Maya or Autocad for example you could trigger shortcuts with the PEREGRINE on one hand while operating a mouse or tablet with the other. The PEREGRINE handles modifier keys like CTRL, ALT and Shift and you can even type with it on.

Expect to spend about an hour getting the hang of it.

The PEREGRINE can be pre-ordered for $129.99 until the end of January, the price will then increase to $149.99.

“Touch for the Win” as the folks at PEREGRINE say.

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