Pelvic floor exercises – often known as Kegels – have important benefits for women, but they're not very fun. You may have heard of the Perifit, the company that hopes to change that with mobile games. Its Perifit S device currently has just over a month left in its Kickstarter campaign.

The Perifit S system consists of a medical-grade silicone device containing pelvic floor sensors that connects to a paired smartphone via Bluetooth. When you're ready for your workout, insert the device into your vagina and follow along on your phone through the accompanying app, which includes a series of different games that you control with your pelvic floor muscles.

Yes, this is a chance to play mobile games with your vagina, but for women experiencing common health issues related to pelvic floor weakness, the game-ification of Kegels could spell out major benefits. It's not always easy to perform Kegels correctly or to remember to do them, but this smart device could help challenge the pelvic floor muscles more thoroughly while still being entertaining.

Pelvic floor weakness is a common issue, especially for women who have been pregnant or with weak core strength. Stronger pelvic muscles aid in postpartum recovery, help prevent incontinence, add musculoskeletal stability and support a healthy sexual response.

Available in four colors, Perifit S is currently available on Kickstarter for the early bird price of €99 (about US$105). Full retail price is expected to be $159. According to Perifit, the device has been prototyped and is expected to start shipping in July. It surpassed its fundraising goal within the first 12 hours of its campaign, but as with any crowdfunded project, expectations may or may not be met.

Kickstarter: Perifit S

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