Users start by obtaining well-lit front and profile head shots of themselves against a neutral background – glasses are a no-no. They then upload those shots to Firebox’s website so that a tiny model of said head can be made, using a 3D printer. The end product appears to be a little on the “low-res” side, as most 3D-printed items presently are, but it's certainly presentable.

Once the head is complete, it’s sent to the buyer, along with one of five superhero dolls (sorry – action figures) of their choice. The customer then pops off the stock superhero head, and replaces it with their own. What they do with the original superhero head is entirely up to them.

Getting a Personalised Superhero Action Figure of your own will set you back £79.99 (US$127).

It’s definitely reminiscent of a business that was run by Canadian artist Steve Nichols, who would build action figures (complete with custom accessories and packaging) based on photos of regular people.

Source: Firebox via 7 Gadgets

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