Peugeot caused a bit of a stir earlier this year in Beijing when it unveiled its 2008 Urban Crossover Concept, a "world car" designed for an increasingly young, urban market. Following the same design philosophy, the French automaker has announced that the new 2008 compact 4X4 hatchback, which is set to get its official unveiling at the Paris Motor Show later this month, will go into production in 2013.

Capitalizing on the success of the 208 supermini, Peugeot is targeting young city dwellers with a compact car that merges the 4X4 and the hatchback and stitches them together with a heavy dose of styling. Despite having four-wheel drive and very large tires, this is not necessarily a car for off-roading. It’s more likely one for the urbanite who likes the handling of a 4X4 and wants to feel a little more confident when negotiating speed bumps and curbs. Bashing through hedges is definitely off the menu.

Its length of 4.4 meters (13.58 ft) will make parking and getting around narrow city center corners easier and its 1.2-liter 3-cylinder turbocharged engine with direct injection will provide an adequate 110 bhp (82.02 kW), high mileage and low carbon emissions.

Clearly not a car aimed at petrol-heads, the 2008 Urban Crossover Concept is about is philosophy and style. The silhouette is aerodynamic, featuring a “floating grille” and "sophisticated sculpted wings and sides" to coincide with the impact of the large wheels ... all of which is topped-off by the very out-there fluorescent yellow paintjob.

Peugeot sees the 2008 as not only a car aimed at the world, but made by the world. The company is keen to point out that it was designed in Europe, China and Latin America and that it will be built in France, China and Brazil.

Pricing and exact release dates are yet to be announced. We'll bring you more pics of the 2008 in the flesh when the Paris Motor Show kicks off.

Source: Peugeot

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