Peugeot Design Competition Winners

Peugeot Design Competition Winners
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February 16, 2005 The 3800 contestants in the third Peugeot Design Competition all gave shape to the Peugeot of their dreams. The winning "Moovie" concept of a small 2 seat electric city car was the vision of young Portuguese designer, Andre Costa. Costa's winning project will now be built into a concept car and exhibited at the next Frankfurt Motor Show. Australian based Englishman, David Dewitt took second place with the 607 Arabesque and 21 year old Zhonghuayi of China placed third in the competition for his ZCC project.

What visual look on the Moovie was shaped the two massive electric wheels - the driver and passenger exit through the "hollow" rim, when the big doors on the side of the Moovie slide forward.

The front of the vehicle is supported by two spheres, with the large rear wheels driving the vehicle independently, (making one electric wheel go faster then the other), enabling up to 360º turns on the spot, ideal for parking and narrow city streets

The second-placed 607 Arabesque sport coupe by David Carl Dewitt is "a Sport Coupe: a car, which embodies the excitement and passion of the driving experience and is visually stimulating as a living sculpture."

Drawing inspiration from the Baroque and Rococo periods the 607 Arabesque whose name is derived from a style of ornamentation used during the Rococo, is an interplay of curves and counter curves both in an architectural and graphic sense.

Dewitt described his creation thus: "Overall, the 607 Arabesque is a vehicle that combines a contemporary sense of proportional development and aesthetic values of Peugeot Design with the flamboyant decorative styles of the 18th century as an influence."

Chinese designer Zhonghuayi 's zcc: hydrogen fuel cell-powered, drive-by-wire utility vehicle. Put simply, it has the largest cargo space and the largest windshield.

As with previous competitions Mr Frédéric Saint-Geours CEO of Peugeot, will present the prize-winner with the "La Griffe" trophy and a cheque for 6 000 Euro.

The top 10 contestants and their entries and their own explanation of the designs are all available at the Peugeot Competition web site.

View gallery - 8 images
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