If you want something to look elegant, you build it out of wood. If you want it to look cutting-edge, on the other hand, you make it out of carbon fiber. So, what happens when you combine the two materials? Well, you end up with something like Peugeot's one-off GTi Surfboard Concept.

The board, which made its public debut at last month’s Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK, features a design “inspired by the thrill from driving Peugeot’s latest performance products, most notably the new 208 GTi and also saluting the new RCZ R and exclusive Onyx Concept Car.”

The nose of the board is constructed of Sipo wood (also known as Utile), with a sharp diagonal boundary line visually separating it from the carbon fiber main body. Four fins are situated on the underside of the tail, intended to provide “responsive, exhilarating and agile ride quality.” That said, it would be interesting to know if the board has ever actually been taken out on the waves.

The GTi Surfboard Concept was designed by Pierre Gimbergues and Céline Venet. There’s no word on possible commercial production of the board.

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