November 27, 2007 Peugeot has announced an upgrade to its audio/visual/navigation system. The RT4 Multimedia system, launching shortly on selected 207 models throughout the UK, features a road-proof 30GB hard drive for up to 180 hours of MP3 music tracks, pictures and videos, as well as full color satellite navigation with mapping covering Western Europe and the TMC traffic information system. Happily, it's also significantly cheaper than its predecessor.

The RT4's hard drive stores all navigation information, so you don't need to keep a CD full of maps in the drive to use the nav functions any more. With its large antenna, it's faster to capture GPS locations than most portable units, and as it's built in to the dash, it's also much more difficult to steal.

The new RT4 system integrates into the vehicle interior both functionally and stylistically. The system, like the current RT3, is a “4 in 1” device: it combines multiple audio and multimedia functions, with a hands-free GSM phone, local emergency call capability and a GPS navigation system.

The new RT4 system retains the intuitive operating logic of the original RT3 system as well as the ability to connect to a portable MP3 player via the external RCA/auxiliary sockets. You can also watch videos or still images through the unit – but it's cleverly been blocked to prevent videos or images from playing when the car is moving and the driver could be distracted.

The RT4 system also has a voice synthesis and recognition system which makes it both practical and reassuring (especially for navigation and hands-free telephone use).

TMC traffic information broadcasts from Trafficmaster are used by the system to provide “real time” traffic information to the driver, as well as the ability to “divert” around traffic incidents when using the navigation option, if an alternative route is available.

The RT4 Multi-media system will be available in the following 207 models: SE Premium, GT, GTi THP 175, CC GT and SW Sport. It replaces the previous optional RT3 system in these models.

The RT4 Multi-media system costs only UK£995, a saving of UK£675 compared to the old RT3 option in the 207 hatchback and CC versions. In the SW version it is combined with the Comfort Pack option which includes: dual zone air-conditioning with climate control, fragrance diffuser and automatic operation of the dipped headlights and wipers, priced at UK£1,465.

The RT4 system will be available from December 2007.

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