Phantom Phantom Lapboard at last?

Phantom Phantom Lapboard at last?
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August 4, 2006 The Phantom Lapboard is a combination wireless keyboard, wireless optical mouse, one-touch features, programmable keys and flat surface that enables easy use of a computer while seated in a lounge chair. The Lapboard keyboard rotates 360 degrees to accommodate left- or right-handed users, inclines on a 22-degree angle, provides USB and headphone/microphone ports and has interchangeable key-face technology designed for game-specific and business software applications. It’s been so long in coming (two years behind schedule) and so eagerly anticipated, that the word Phantom might stand a chance of displacing the better known term of Vaporware if the saga were to draw on much longer. Bottom line though, we think the marketplace demand for the Phantom Lapboard will be so great that it’ll be a success. The latest glimmer of hope from the company came yesterday when it was announced it will display the Lapboard at the Games Convention (GC 2006) in Leipzig, Germany running August 24-27.

The Company will exhibit prototypes of the Phantom Lapboard produced by Itron Technology on the Freaks 4U stand as a prelude to production line manufacturing scheduled to meet the Company's November shipping date.

The Games Convention (GC) is Europe's leading trade show for computer and video games. The event is expected to draw 150,000 visitors this year including 7,000 industry professionals and 2,000 journalists from 28 countries.

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