One of the many benefits of LED light bulbs is that they use much less energy than conventional incandescent bulbs. Thanks to a research partnership with the municipality of Dubai, Philips has developed a range of LED bulbs that are claimed to reduce electricity consumption by up to 90 percent when compared to incandescent bulbs and will last up to 15 time longer, too.

The Dubai Lamp project was aimed at helping to encourage sustainable development and, specifically, contributing to a targeted 30 percent reduction in the city's energy use by 2030.

Philips, of course, is no stranger to LEDs, with its Hue bulbs among the most well known of smart lighting ranges available and its technology used to illuminate stadia and cities around the world. Working with Dubai Municipality, it's now developed the world's first commercial 200 lumen (lm) per watt LED bulbs, with its next best bulb in this respect said to achieve 101 lm/W.

The Dubai Lamp range comprises four LED bulbs, each of which are available in "cool daylight" and "warm white" colors. There's a 1-W, 200-lm E14 candle bulb, a 2-W, 400-lm E27 classic bulb and a 3-W, 600-lm E27 classic bulb.

These are designed to replace 25-W, 40-W and 60-W incandescent bulbs, respectively, and to run off Dubai's 220-240-V mains voltage. Completing the range is a 3-W, 12-V MR16 Spot to replace 50-W, 12-V halogen spot bulbs, and has a lower efficiency than its siblings of 133 lm/W.

The Dubai Lamp was unveiled at the Water, Energy, Technology, and Environment Exhibition this week and is due to be available in Dubai by the end of the year. There are plans to roll it out beyond Dubai, but there's nothing confirmed on this front as yet. Pricing has yet to be set.

Source: Philips

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