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Philips' New Line Of Flat Plasma And LCD TVs.

Philips' New Line Of Flat Plasma And LCD TVs.
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Philips Australia has announced the availability of the two largest Philips plasma televisions to date, the 50PF9966 and 42PF9966. At the same time, they've released eleven new look flat television solutions for every room in the home, with sizes that extend to 50 inches in Plasma and 42 inches in LCD TV.

Highlighting key innovations in the new FlatTV range for 2004, these models feature Philips' own Ambilight and Pixel Plus 2 visual enhancing technologies.

Philips is significantly extending its FlatTV range to match consumers' growing demand for flat, slim and widescreen televisions, modern design and advanced picture quality.

Ambilight is a revolutionary back-lighting system developed by Philips, which adjusts ambient lighting around the television to match the colour of the content featured on screen. It works to create a superior viewing experience and reduced eye strain.

Ambilight can be set for real-time adjustment of light intensity and colour to complement the viewer's television programming or movies. It can also be fixed on a colour choice of the consumer's preference - red, green, blue, white or combination thereof - when the set is on or off.

Philips has also included in its top end models invisible NXT SurfaceSound speakers, while in screens smaller than 30 inches, Philips has opted for an overall sleek appearance in black or silver casings.

At 50 inches, the 50PF9966 is the largest Plasma television in Philips' new range of products.

Featuring Pixel Plus 2 and Ambilight technology, the unit provides exceptional picture quality with a resolution of 1365x768p. Active control and an integrated tuner make the 50PF9966 the ultimate home entertainment device. The set retails for AUS $12,699.00 .

The 42PF9966 offers consumers all the features of the 50-inch model in a 42-inch frame, making it more suitable for the average consumer's home. This 42-inch plasma also includes Active Control and an Integrated Tuner, offering 'out of the box' television functionality. It offers the best in Philips technology with Pixel Plus 2 and Amibilight, while showcasing fantastic 1024x768p picture quality. This 42 inch model also includes Active Control and an Integrated Tuner, offering 'out of the box' television functionality and retails for AUS 9,199.00.

New FlatTV LCD Range:

The largest in the Philips range of LCD television; at 42 inches the 42PF9986 is one of the most advanced LCD televisions to date. Features include: Pixel Plus 2, Ambilight, Active Control and a fully integrated tuner. In addition, the 42PF9986 is Philips' first LCD television to include the invisible NXT speakers for the ultimate home entertainment sound experience. The 42PF9986 sells for AUS $14,949.00

The 42PF9946 incorporates a fully integrated tuner with Active Control, this 42 inch plasma offers consumers 852 x 480p picture quality. A stylish design and desktop stand make this model an excellent plasma for the home. RRP: AUS $ 6,299.00. At 32 inches, the 32PF9966 displays an unbelievable picture resolution of 1366x768 pixels. Offering a wide array of features including: Pixel Plus 2, Ambilight, Active Control and in integrated tuner, the 32PF9966 is surprisingly slim and can be added cleanly into any home environment. RRP: AUS $6,399.00.

Featuring the best in Philips LCD technology the 30PF9946 provides consumers with great picture quality at 1280x768p and a seamless design for a pleasing viewing experience. Also equipped with Active control and an integrated tuner, the 30PF9946 retails for AUS $5,199.00.

The 26PF9956 and 26PF9946 in 26 inch, two LCD television with the latest in Philips design. The 26PF9956 in a sleek black casing and the 26PF9946 in an elegant silver casing, both units feature Philips Digital Crystal Clear technology to present rasor sharp pictures and superb sound reproduction in Dolby Virtual Surround sound. Providing unprecedented convenience in design, the 26PF9956 and 26PF9946 also function as an FM Tuner, Alarm Clock and Pixel Plus technology is an added benefit of the 26PF9956. 26PF9956 RRP: AUS $4,599.00. 26PF9946 RRP: AUS $4,049.00

The 23 inch range of Philips LCD televisions includes two new models, the 23PF9956 and 23PF9946. Both units feature Digital Crystal Clear sound, Active Control and 1280x768 pixel resolution. The 23PF9956 also comes equipped with Pixel Plus maximizing its already enhanced picture quality. 23PF9956 RRP: AUS $4,049.00. 23PF9946 RRP: AUS $3,449.00

The smallest of Philips' new range of FlatTVs is the 17PF9946. This model comes equipped with all of the features and specifications of the 23PF9946 in a compact size more suited to the bedroom or home office and is priced at AUS $2,069.00.

In April 2004 Philips Electronics commissioned Harris Interactive to field a global survey of consumers' home entertainment habits.

The inaugural Philips Global Home Entertainment Survey captured the responses and unique viewing habits of 13 diverse countries. More than 6,000 consumers were interviewed through a combination of online, phone and face-to-face surveys.

One of the key outcomes of the survey was establishing the viewing habits of males versus females. Picture quality and the technology which drives picture quality was the deciding purchasing factor for males, while females are more concerned with aesthetics and the overall viewing experience.

Some rather unusual facts were discovered as a result of the study; one quarter of Italian respondents would prefer to watch movies at home because it allows them to be alone. Indians would prefer to watch television with all of the lights on, while Russians prefer to watch it by candlelight. 34% of Belgians would rather own a FlatTV than an expensive piece of art. Finally, not surprisingly: 28% of Americans and 24% of British would only allow their spouse to make a home entertainment purchasing decision if they were in a coma.

For more information on Philips' latest models visit www.philips.com.au or call 1300 651 993.

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