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Philips shows 100-inch Ambilight FlatTV prototype

Philips shows 100-inch Ambilight FlatTV prototype
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September 4, 2006 If you have taken the time to have a good look at Philips Ambilight technology, you’ll be aware it brings a completely new, transformational dimension to watching TV, creating an immersive viewing experience through a unique technique which matches the colour and brightness in the images being displayed on the television’s screen. Ambilight is proven, a million Ambilight FlatTVs sold by Philips, which shipped the most number of LCD TVs worldwide in the first half of 2006. Now the Dutch giant is rolling out a prototype 100-inch (245cm) LCD TV with Ambilight Full Surround – the new, four-sided version of Philips’ totally unique ambient lighting technology.

This year Philips is adding two new versions of Ambilight – Ambilight Full surround, which projects ambient light on all four sides of the set, and Ambilight Surround which features lighting units on three sides.

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