Philips' Wireless HDTV Link (SWW1800/27) replaces the cables that connect the HD cable set-top box, HD satellite receiver, Blu-ray player or gaming console to a HDTV and wirelessly delivers up to 1080p picture quality. This solution should appeal to viewers who have suffered from a lack of flexibility with their set-ups because of unsightly or too short cables.

Philips says its Wireless HDTV Link allows consumers to relocate their HD devices (set-top box and other AV components) up to 75ft away from the TV without signal loss or degradation.

The Wireless HDTV Link is great for retrofit installations where labor-intensive in-wall custom installations are prohibitively expensive or impossible due to solid concrete, stone or brick walls).

"Wireless HDTV Link is technology that consumers are demanding – and Philips' wireless product provides solid HD performance and improves aesthetics of the home without the cost or hassle of a custom installation," said Nico Riggio, Vice President, P&A/AVM, Philips Consumer Lifestyle.

The Wireless HDTV Link allows you to connect four AV devices to your TV, two digital HDMI connections and two component connections. Users have the freedom to switch between these devices simply and quickly, without having to change cables and plugs in between uses.

Philips says this product incorporates one of the first digital wireless technologies that transmits up to 1080p HD without cables, combining form and function. The receiver is specially designed to fit behind standard TV wall mounts so that it is out of sight and won’t ruin the aesthetics of the room.

Accessories, like Blu-ray players, game consoles and satellite set top boxes can be hidden away and in-ceiling projects can also be connected wirelessly to the unit.

According to Philips, the digital signal is never compressed and retains all the attributes as if it were transmitted through a standard HDMI cable.

The Philips Wireless HDTV Link sells for US$799 from November.