Computers helps identify mystery objects helps identify mystery objects - anyone recognize these butterflies? - anyone recognize these butterflies?
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1/1 - anyone recognize these butterflies?

February 28, 2008 The new website uses visual rather than word clues, to identify objects, people, places paintings - anything you can photograph.

Often people stumble across things in life and are unsure as to their purpose and use; therefore a word driven search engine is not much help. Now they can upload an image instead of giving a verbal description. works by connecting people that have questions about an unidentified item with a community of users that can potentially offer answers. Users snap a photo of their item and upload a picture. The community of users then helps them figure out what it is. The downside to this site is that you are relying on feedback from the community and not experts in a relevant field, so you may need to further verify the responses given.

Popular categories for include art, collectibles and hobbies, health, home and garden, people and places and science. differentiates itself from other QnA sites in the sense that it’s not a text question and text answer rather it’s an uploaded photo question that can be answered. The free site means that people can help each other out and according to one user, “I’ve been waiting for a site like to come along; I spend my weekends visiting garage sales and I’m a collector of anything and everything and now I have somewhere to go to see if I’ve uncovered a little treasure.”

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How do I upload photos?
How do I upload photos?
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dam thing sent me to a Chinese website