Danish design firm Faco is offering a new take on the hanging fruit bowl with Pluk, a space-saving spherical basket that can be used to conveniently store apples, oranges, or anything else you can fit inside its frame.

Pluk's frame is made of two intercepting circles with sailboat-grade elastic woven in between. This allows fruit and vegetables to be held inside the basket and "plucked" whenever you're peckish. This might prove useful for those with limited counter space, and the company also claims that Pluk will keep fruit fresher for longer.

Having initially developed a metal version of Pluk, the company is now creating cheaper wooden and plastic models.

The wood is hand crafted, while the metal version is powder-coated making it dishwasher safe, and comes in either black or white. The plastic version, also dishwasher safe, is available in pink, red, blue, fuchsia, yellow back and white.

Currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, a pledge for a plastic Pluk costs £23 (about US$38), with shipping planned for June if all goes to plan. The metal version is currently available for €67.00.

You can hear from one of Pluk's creators, Nicolas Aagaard, in the Kickstarter pitch below.

Source: Faco

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