PicWash online photo retouching service

PicWash online photo retouching service
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PicWash - before and after
PicWash - before and after

September 20, 2007 In real life we all do things to enhance our appearance – color our hair, wear make up, buy new clothes, apply skin lotions and even resort to cosmetic surgery. The entertainment industry has for years extended this into the realm of image reproduction by enhancing the images we see in print, online and on film. It seems like a logical progression then, given we are spending so much of our lives online, that a service is has become available to help you look your best in cyberspace. is a new online photo-enhancement service that offers professional retouching. The aim is to give this service - usually reserved for celebrities and those with super Photoshop skills - to anyone with Internet access.

Users select from two retouching options. The basic service is US$7 per photo and focuses on reducing facial shine; removing acne and other skin blemishes; evening out the skin tone, adding glow to the eyes while eliminating red-eye; whitening teeth and wrinkle reduction and tweaking the overall luminosity and color of the picture. The next level of service costs US$10 and allows the user more control over the touch-up with a comment box to provide specific instructions for the photo editor such as removal of moles, acne, freckles, birthmarks or eye color specifications and cropping.

Photos are then assessed by PicWash photo editors and graphic designers who collaborate with a dermatologist and beauty industry consultants on the best way to adjust the image. The touch ups are completed and the finished photo returned via email within 48 hours.

The internet is littered with personal photos of us on social networks like Facebook and MySpace, along with a myriad dating sites throughout the world. PicWash aims to capture those within the market who are as concerned about their online appearance as they are offline.

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