Pierpaolo Lazzarini, the Italian designer behind the UFO 2.0 floating home, has conceived a floating community made up of solar-powered pyramid-shaped buildings. The Wayaland project is still very much in the concept stage at present, but Lazzarini is hoping to raise the funds necessary to begin construction on it with a crowdfunding campaign.

Wayaland would consist of a group of pyramid-shaped floating buildings called Waya that are inspired by Mayan and Japanese architecture. They would come in different sizes and serve different purposes, so some may function as homes, while others could be used as greenhouses, hotels, and cinemas, for example. The largest would rise to a maximum 30 m (98 ft) tall, above the water line.

The Waya modules would be constructed from fiberglass, carbon fiber, and steel, and set atop large floating platforms with basements suitable for use as optional underwater bedrooms. The structures would be moved with motors and include a small marina for boats and other water craft to moor. Each would receive electricity from rooftop solar panel arrays and water turbines.

This feels like one of those projects that's only meant as food-for-thought, but Lazzarini is definitely trying to make it happen. He says that to build the first (and smallest) Waya module he will need €350,000 (about US$422,600).

To raise the money, he's planning to launch a crowdfunding campaign and offer people a stay in the module for the cost of €1,000 ($1,200) per night. Other promised benefits include a vote on where Wayaland would be located from a pre-selected list of suitable locations, as well as an invitation to a planned 2022 inauguration.

Check out the video below to see a little more of Wayaland.

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