We've already seen one dream machine penned by Italian design house Pininfarina turn heads at this year's Geneva motor show – here's another. Created in collaboration with Hong Kong–based electric vehicle manufacturer Hybrid Kinetic Group, the H600 is a hybrid luxury sports sedan concept that uses a microturbine generator as a range-extender and is claimed to make the jump from 0-62 mph (100 km/h) in only 2.9 seconds – that's definitely supercar territory.

Developed by HKG, a company largely known for electric bus development and electric vehicle battery design, the H600 drivetrain uses all-wheel drive with torque vectoring, two motors, a microturbine range extender, and an aluminum chassis. The car's empty weight is only 1,870 kg (4,123 pounds) and its top speed is 250 km/h (155 mph). Power delivery from the motors maxes out at over 600 kW (805 hp) and the car's weight distribution is very close to 50/50 at 52/48 front:rear. Further technical details of the concept are thin on the ground.

The exterior of the H600 is nothing short of sensuous, with proportions that are both classically "old world" and forward-thinking. Comparisons to Maserati and Jaguar are to be expected, but elements of Aston Martin are also visible.

A saloon-style hood with fender bumps set back from the headlamps gives a very muscular presence to the sedan, and the coupe-styled profile of the roof line continue that notion. The rear deck isn't clipped, giving an executive sedan appearance that follows with the long doors and lightly curved beltline. Beautiful wheels and simple bone lines in the bodywork complete the package.

Inside the Pininfarina H600 the seating and layout is of the European minimalist style with thin seat backs and a raised dashboard to give a roomy language to the interior. Notable are the downsized steering wheel and the very large touchscreen on the center console. Screens inset into the passenger's side of the dashboard offer more interface elements for infotainment, and rear seat passengers aren't deprived of screen action either.

The H600 is a futuristic vision of sport driving in an eco-friendly package. Sadly, neither Pininfarina nor HKG have announced plans for production.

Source: Pininfarina

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