Pioneer is rolling out a new addition to its family of CDJ multi players for professional DJs. This new model, called the CDJ-2000nexus, is the first in the industry to include Wi-Fi connectivity. Pioneer has a long history of making CDJ players, which are designed to mimic some of the control options that vinyl provides from a CD or digital music file.

With the Wi-Fi capability on the CDJ-2000nexus, DJs can remotely connect to their smartphone or computer using the included rekordbox software. This means DJs can stream music from their iPhone, Android, Mac or PC to the CDJ, without having to connect any cables. The rekordbox software also gives DJs options for creating playlists, setting up cue and loop points, and waveform analysis.

Of course, you can also use the CDJ-2000nexus as you would any other multi player. It has all the standard features professional DJs look for, such as the ability to read media over USB, memory card compatibility, and all the audio outputs they need to hook it up to their speakers.

The device also has a 6.1-inch color LCD screen where the DJ can keep track of important information. For this new model, Pioneer completely redesigned the GUI to make it more functional and easier to understand. It will tell you song titles, display album art, and show detailed track information. It also displays wave data for each song and can zoom in to five different levels of magnification for closer detail and analysis.

Another notable feature is Beat Sync, which allows the DJ to sync the beat with the other player with one button. This helps keep the linked players synced. It also has a Slip mode, which causes the track to keep playing silently in the background during a loop, reverse or scratch. This is designed to create smoother transitions.

The CDJ-2000nexus is scheduled for release later this month. It will retail for US$2,399.

Have a look at the video below to see it in action.

Source: Pioneer via Slash Gear

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