This enviable luxury residence in Porto Feliz, São Paulo, Brazil, was designed by Studio MK27's Marcio Kogan, with Lair Reis. It opens up to the outside with operable glazing and is topped by a concrete roof that's covered in greenery and designed to blend in with its landscaped garden.

Named Planar House, the expansive (and no doubt expensive) home measures 1,000 sq m (10,760 sq ft). Structurally, it consists of a large concrete roof supported by metallic pillars. The roof itself is accessed by a removable ladder when maintenance is required and sports both skylights to increase daylight inside and solar panels to reduce the draw on the grid.

Its interior layout is split into two main areas. The first includes sleeping and living quarters for staff, a gym, a TV room and a playroom, while the second is centered around five bedrooms, complete with en-suite bathrooms.

There is also a living and dining area inside, as well as a kitchen. When the weather is suitable, large glass doors can be slid open, opening much of the home up to the outside. The decor, which also involved input from Diana Radomysler, is a simple but stylish mixture of wood, concrete and glass.

Planar House's exterior hosts a large swimming pool, plus a second living room, dining area, and outdoor kitchen. A multi-colored chair hangs down from the ceiling and a curved brick wall encloses a portion of the home and garden and allows light to filter through pleasantly.

Work on Planar House began back in August, 2013 and the home was finally completed in February, 2018.

Source: Studio MK27

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