Play id's classic Doom in your web browser

Play id's classic Doom in your...
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I'd forgive you for thinking that a 1993-era first-person shooter running in a web browser is not particularly worthy of Gizmag's attention, with the browser-based Quake Arena having been online since 2009. What makes this noteworthy is that while Quake Arena runs as compiled x86 code and a browser plugin, this Doom port relies solely on web standards like HTML5's Canvas element and Javascript. That sound you hear is an infinite number of high-school IT teachers groaning.

I might still be in my twenties, but I haven't forgotten installing a bought copy of Netscape 1.0 off a floppy disc and using it to code my first website in HTML 2.0. While this port might only run at 35 frames per second on a fully loaded 2011 MacBook Pro, the fact it's possible at all is a stark reminder of how far we've come since blink tags, framesets and table-based layouts.

Play it here, read the developer notes here or download the complete source code here.

Mr Stiffy
I still play Doom II. Only I go for the \"community developed\" games. Some of them really are full on // graphically spectacular / amazingly amazing // exceedingly clever versions of the stock WAD files.
Facebook User
That\'s funny, the game does NOT work on MY Firefox browser! Hmmm.... :-(
Tom Phoghat Sobieski
And not on Chrome either
Sabin Alexandrescu
the link is now dead :(