Finnish company Polar has been in the health monitoring game for over 30 years and launched the world's first wearable wireless heart monitor in 1982. Since then, the market has been flooded with wearable devices designed to track and motivate the fitness training efforts of professionals and amateurs alike. With the new A360 fitness tracker, Polar has added a splash of color to a device designed to offer convenient wrist-based heart rate monitoring and smartwatch-like notifications.

Polar caters to a variety of fitness levels with its lineup of activity trackers, running/sports watches, and heart rate monitors. The A360 is the company's first fitness tracker to combine all the best features in a slim, adjustable silicone band. Similar to the Polar Loop 2 activity tracker that we recently reviewed, the A360 monitors activity and provides in-depth feedback. It also records sleeping patterns, vibrates to inform of smartphone notifications, and reminds you when you've been sitting for too long.

A highlight of the Polar A360 is the company's proprietary optical heart rate sensor. Along with Polar's smart coaching, users can benefit from this real-time monitoring to achieve fitness goals and get the most out of cardiovascular workouts without having to strap on additional hardware. Although the A360 is designed with Polar's proprietary algorithm for accuracy, those who prefer a chest strap can still use Polar's H7 heart rate monitor, which connects to the device via Bluetooth. It is also compatible with Apple Health Kit, Google Fit, MyFitnessPal and MapMyFitness.

Unlike previous Polar products that have relied on monochrome displays, the A360 fitness tracker displays current activity levels, measured steps, calorie count, notifications, workouts, and time on a full color, 80 x 160 pixel resolution, TFT touchscreen display that measures 13 x 27 mm. The wristband is 13.5 mm thick and 23.5 mm wide, with three different lengths on offer – small comes in white, while medium and large will come in black. Additional color options and changeable wristbands will be available sometime after launch.

The waterproof device is powered by a 100 mAh rechargeable battery that Polar claims is good for two weeks of 24/7 activity tracking, including one hour of training per day. However, using smart notifications will cut battery life a bit.

The Polar A360 fitness tracker will be available sometime next month for US$199.95.

Source: Polar

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