POLLI-Brick: turning plastic bottles into green architecture

POLLI-Brick: turning plastic b...
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January 12, 2009 From the maker of the HYmini wind and solar portable charger comes a polymer architecture brick combining post-consumer materials with environmentally friendly function. The POLLI-Brick is made entirely of recycled materials and offers passive cooling, natural ventilation and even integrated solar/wind powered LED lighting.

The brick features a unique interlocking cylindrical shape and each brick is created from around four recycled PET plastic bottles. The shape incorporates a great deal of air; thereby providing the thermal and sound insulation. The POLLI-Brick offers excellent bond strength with minimal silicone sealant required due to self interlocking design. The strength to weight ratio is also impressive thanks to the honeycomb geometry, combined with reinforced wall thickness.

Applications for the POLLI-Brick include creating patio screening and roofs, skylights, translucent fences, vertical planters and a curtain wall system with UV protected laminate and PVC backing for fireproofing. Solar modules can be integrated to the curtain walls to power LED lamps inside the bricks’ cavities. Beyond their architectural uses, the bricks are multi-purpose. MINIWIZ suggests a number of applications such as creative lighting and growing plants within the cavities. The addition of the company’s Solarbulb turns the POLLI-Brick into a mood light.

MINIWIZ displayed the POLLI-Brick at the 2009 CES in Las Vegas.

Emily Clark

polli-brick is a very interesting idea... if i were to renovate my house i would probably includethe polli-brick into my plan
The guys at MINIWIZ have built a building out of Polli-Brick. It\'s a large structure made out of recycled plastic bottles and its powered by the sun. Really cool. A lot or architecture forums are sharing information and photos about it. The building is in Taipei and it looks like the government commissioned the building for a festival. Really cool.
Kudos,a neat idea.