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Pong iPhone case cuts mobile phone radiation

Pong iPhone case cuts mobile p...
The Pong iPhone case promises to reduce cell phone radiation
The Pong iPhone case promises to reduce cell phone radiation
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The Pong iPhone case promises to reduce cell phone radiation
The Pong iPhone case promises to reduce cell phone radiation
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Pong Research Company has released a new cell phone case that promises to reduce radiation from the phone’s antenna. The Pong iPhone case covers the cell phone in a tight silicone skin. This skin contains a proprietary technology module that is aligned with the phone’s antenna and attracts the radiative energy up and away from the user’s head. The user will still maintain a full-strength signal without compromising the cell phone’s battery life or functionality.

The Pong iPhone case has been tested in the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) laboratories. The tests showed that the case reduced the specific absorption rate (SAR, a mobile industry standard of measurement) by 60% and reduced intense ‘hotspot’ cell phone radiation by 85%. The cell phone case has a unique "ladder" configuration which acts to move the signal through the Pong case like a chimney, and away from the user. Once it is redirected, the radiation is dissipated and no longer poses a threat to the user or anyone around the user.

“Because of my concern about the effects of non-ionizing radiation on the human body, I arrived at the position that redirecting this energy was the best approach,” said Dr. Alfred Wong, chief scientist of Pong Research, professor emeritus of physics at University of California Los Angeles and director of HIPAS Observatory in Alaska. “It took us a number of years of research into putting the correct antenna structure in the case itself so that the case would couple with the energy from the phone’s internal antenna.”

Whilst there seems to be less media coverage of the dangers of cell phone usage lately, it does not necessarily mean that cell phones pose little or no safety risks. In fact, there are some cell phone manufacturers that are making cheap knockoffs which can exceed the legal radiation limits.

In August 2009, a document called “Cellphones and Brain Tumors, 15 Reasons for Concern” was released in the United States by the EM Radiation Research Trust. It suggested taking a number of precautions when using a cell phone, including using the phone in speaker-mode or text messaging, keeping the phone away from the body and not allowing cell phone use by children under the age of 18. Whilst the Pong cell phone case does not offer 100% protection from radiation, it certainly takes a big step towards making cell phone use safer.

“Similar to smoking a cigarette,” said Dr. Wong, “one cigarette won’t kill you, but over years of exposure, the effect is cumulative. Many people are concerned about cell phone radiation, but out of necessity they continue to tolerate their own heavy usage. I think it’s a matter of balancing the fear against the need.”

The Pong iPhone case is suitable for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, with a Blackberry model and other models available later this year. It retails for $59.95 through Pong Research.

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Kim Elleman
Protection is necessary finally a company comes forth with a innovative stylish application.
That is good, it filters magnetic radiation when being used. I rather use this type of case rather than buying same thing that will not benefit me a lot. I wish they also have iphone keyboard as well.