Porsche isn't known for making huge changes to its long-serving formula, but that doesn't mean the engineers in Stuttgart aren't constantly working to refine the Carrera. The latest upgrade package frees up a few more horses from the turbocharged flat-six, and smartens up the Porsche Connect infotainment system.

Although the standard Carrera S doesn't exactly lack for power, the optional power boost frees up another 22 kW (30 hp) from the turbocharged flat-six. The boost comes courtesy of bigger turbochargers and a central-mounted sport exhaust, and the package also brings the dynamic engine mounts and modified brake-cooling system usually reserved for cars with the sport chrono package.

Peak power is now pegged at 331 kW (450 hp) from the factory, leaving the Carrera S just 42 kW (50 hp) short of the naturally-aspirated 911 GT3 launched in Geneva.

Beyond the extra power, the latest upgrade also involves a small upgrade to the Porsche Connect infotainment system. In some countries, owners who pay for Connect Plus – which brings live traffic updates and deeper integration with the Porsche app – will now get an integrated LTE SIM card. Asian owners will even be able to use the system for things like hotel or restaurant reservations and flight bookings.

Finally, buyers will be offered a wider range of colors than before when they're ordering a 911. A new shade of metallic silver called Crayon (yes, really) is now on the options list, and a fresh Saffron Yellow Metallic hue will be added to the 911 options list. Given the new look also includes extra sanding and layers of paint, you can expect to pay handsomely for the privilege.

Speaking of paying handsomely, the more powerful Carrera S tune doesn't come cheap. The power pack will set you back €10,139 (about $10,960) from the factory, and will also be available as a retrofit kit starting in June this year. Owners with a Carrera S, 4S and Targa 4S are eligible for the refresh.

Source: Porsche

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