After hosting 2016 debuts of highly anticipated cars like the Bugatti Chiron and Koenigsegg Regera, we thought the Geneva Motor Show might take a quiet step back in terms of supercar eye candy this year. We were wrong. While this year's debuts might lack the badge esteem and resume of last year's, they definitely do not lack in wild, eye-grabbing styling and insane power and performance levels. The odd, the stunningly beautiful, the ridiculously overpowered ... Geneva is once again hosting them all.

This year's story is less about established marques and timeless curves and more about startups, crazy performance estimates, barely altered race cars for the road, and truly otherworldly styling. A few examples ...

With its floating fenders and exposed suspension, rear-opening doors/roof and tapered tail, the Dendrobium looks as much insect-based Transformer as supercar. Singapore definitely makes a statement with its first supercar.

Another of the most distinctive designs in Geneva, the Techrules Ren shows what the production styling of the Chinese turbine-extended electric supercar will look like, quite different from what Techrules was showing last year. With its jet fighter-inspired canopy, the Ren looks like it's ready to rise above road and track, VTOL-style, and soar through the atmosphere.

Those first two left us gawking in awe on the show floor, but the simpler, more classic Alpine A110 was the one that made us want to get behind the wheel, rev the engine and head straight for the twisty, rolling asphalt of the Alps. We guess it's name is spot on.

With that, we'll leave you to our gallery to carefully inspect all the very different sports car designs Geneva has on show. And remember to check out our look at the concept cars from the show, too.

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