With over 820,000 Porsche 911s being built and sold over the past fifty years, one could say the model has been a bit of a hit. Since 1963 Porsche’s very much iconic model (and we can use iconic here in proper context) has been the mainstay of the German automaker's performance hut. Now fifty years on it seems only fitting for the company to celebrate the car with the release of its 911 50th Anniversary Edition.

Over forty iterations of the 911 have been made since day one, but throughout the various versions, the body style has remained true to the original: engine out back, luggage up front, sometimes with a Targa top, sometimes with a turbo, sometimes not. But whatever the year model, the silhouette and performance mandate have remained relatively the same. So with the 50th Anniversary issue what does one get besides a few carefully placed "50" stickers? With of a total of 1963 limited edition models to be offered, buyers will be happy to know the half-century 911 does in fact harbor a few interesting enhancements.

Based on the 911 Carrera S, the Anniversary Edition retains it rear wheel drive configuration, but does get to keep the wide body kit normally reserved for the fatter all-wheel drive Carreras. The flat-six gets an upgrade to the tune of 430 hp thanks to the addition of Porsche’s Powerkit. This power enhancement allows the special 911 to hit that 62 mph (100 km/h) mark from a standing start in only 4.2 seconds. But if that’s not fast enough, then perhaps 3.8 seconds using the option of Porsche’s 7-speed Doppelkupplung (PDK) gearbox will be more appealing. The top speed is pegged at 186 mph (300 km/h).

Porsche has also seen fit to throw in its wildly popular Sport Chrono Package as part of the deal. The Chrono package provides drivers a performance display, plus digital and analogue stopwatches. But it’s the Sport Plus button bit, which does the job of tightening up the 911’s steering and suspension via Porsche’ Active Suspension Management (PASM) system, that really gets the party started. These add-ons turn the Anniversary Edition into an interesting mix between a true 911 and its Carrera sibling.

There also needs to be visual evidence to fully validate the 911’s special day. Starting with the tire/wheel combination Porsche has gone with special 20-inch Fuch wheels. Fuch wheels have been standard equipment on 911s since the 1960s, so not only are the wheels historically relevant but look good while keeping the wider 911 stuck to the bends.

Special chrome strips and fins can be found about the low slung body as can Porsche’s Dynamic lighting system which includes cornering lights. There is of course the requisite number “50” stuck to everything from the rear lid to the headrest to the gauge panel to the door sills. One nice old school touch is the inclusion of a 1960s styled fabric known as “Pepita” set into the seats, while the gear shifter matches the dash, doors and aluminum brushed center console.

But like many German automakers, vibrant color options did not make it off Porsche's color wheel. Fans of Fifty Shades of Grey will thus be pleased to know they can have their 911 50th Anniversary Editions in either grey or light grey.

Genuine Porsche-ophiles might also be interested in the company’s formal tribute to the 911 at its museum in Germany. As part of the 911 fifty year celebration, Porsche will be offering free admission to the Porsche Museum for confirmed 911 owners and friends. The forty versions of the 911, including racers, will be on display at the museum until the end of September.

The 911 50th Anniversary Edition will be available this September, with prices starting at US$124,100. Source: Porsche

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