Portable, disposable all-in-one EZ Grill

Portable, disposable all-in-on...
EZ disposable grill
EZ disposable grill
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EZ disposable grill
EZ disposable grill
EZ disposable grill
EZ disposable grill

The all-in-one disposable BBQ in a box has become popular in Europe recently and is now available in the United States too. While we don't really like the idea of disposable anything, the EZ Grill is actually recyclable and can be stored safely until needed, offering impromptu grilling anywhere and anytime.

The EZ Grill includes a foil pan, stand, grill grate and 100% natural instant charcoal and the convenience of the form factor make it a solution for home or apartment use, campers, travelers, tailgaters and passionate on-the-go BBQ lovers.

All the materials provided are completely recyclable, even the packaging, metal grate, stand and charcoal – which gives users a natural flavor without the additives, chemicals and fillers associated with traditional charcoal. EZ Grill’s all-natural ingredients include carbon from rice, corn and wheat stalks, corn starch for binding and mineral oil for ignition.

The EZ Grill, available in regular size (1.81 lbs) and party size (3.31 lbs) for USD$5 and USD$10, respectively, lights with just one match and consistently cooks for up to 1 ½ hours post ignition.

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I don't get it. Why in your position as someone who has access to so much information, would you choose to promote disposable anythings? That does not make sense to me.
Your website is huge. You must be making a reasonable income from it. You must see from everything you have had pass your desk that it's up to people like yourself (and me of course) to make firm decisions about our actions. You do possess the ability to choose what you promote. Why promote junk? That's what it is. It's been made for landfill. Your promoting landfill. That's not new technology.
You're losing me here.