Portable GPS System promises smarter golf

Portable GPS System promises smarter golf
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Friday August 15, 2003"Inforemer" is a GPS hand-held and cart-mounted display unit that delivers very useful information to golfers on the course and gives event managers the opportunity to display leaderboards, local rules, or take orders for refreshments from players in real-time. Players get access to a detailed LCD graphic description of every hole, driving distance and precise measurements to flag sticks, hazards, sand traps and landmarks to within less than a metre. The system also provides golf tips for every hole, access to course golf shop supplies, weather reports and access to online information including sports scores, stock quotes and news.The system combines unique wireless technology, Internet protocols and GPS (global positioning system) and has the advantage of being portable and therefore highly versatile unlike many cart-based systems.The Inforemer is designed for use in the golfing industry worldwide with 45,000 golf courses are now operating worldwide and around 2,000 more coming online annually.And with all the information (plus a warm pie) at your fingertips, all you have to do is execute the shot - simple.

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