The Power Pillow is a new product that its creators are billing as the “world’s first pillow that recharges smart devices.” The truth is rather less interesting, with the Power Pillow being a soft housing for a battery pack that can charge your mobile devices when a wall socket either isn't available or not in close proximity.

The Power Pillow takes the form of a standard pillow – available in a range of different designs – which cleverly houses (and hides) a means of charging your various smartphones, tablets, and other assorted USB-powered devices. The caveat is, of course, that the pillow itself isn’t charging anything, and is instead merely acting as the housing for the lithium-polymer battery pack that is actually doing all the hard work.

That isn't to say the Power Pillow has no merit. It gives users another option for charging their devices; one which lets them use those devices while they're charging. It also means people waiting for an important phone call, text, or email don’t have to abandon their smartphone or tablet in another room while it recharges.

The option to install these in places where people congregate, such as dorm rooms and reception areas, is an intriguing one. The most obvious usage for the Power Pillow would be during a power outage or emergency, but then that applies to any battery pack, whether or not it’s encased within soft furnishings.

The Power Pillow is currently being funded via Kickstarter, with the aim being to raise CAD$30,000 (US$28,000). A pledge of CAD$132 (US$125) is needed for those seeking the full Power Pillow charging system (consisting of two 12000mAh battery packs, one soft battery housing, one cable wallet, and two micro-USB charging cables) though there are cheaper pledges available.

The Kickstarter campaign video embedded below shows the Power Pillow being used in various ways, though all obviously consist of people charging their mobile devices while relaxing on the sofa.

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