Remote-control model boats may indeed be pretty neat, although all that you can really do with the things is drive them back and forth. PowerVision's new PowerDolphin, however, is different. Among other things, it allows users to find fish, create underwater topographic maps, and shoot HD stills and video both above and below the surface.

The PowerDolphin's camera rotates up and down, so users can choose whether they want to see what's in front of the watercraft as it zips along the surface, or take a peek at what's lurking below. In the case of the latter, a headlight helps illuminates the depths.

Video is recorded at 4K/30fps on an onboard microSD card, plus it's streamed back to an app on the user's mobile device at 1080p. That app can be used to control the craft in real time from a range of up to 1,000 m (3,281 ft), although there's also a dedicated joystick-style control unit.

If equipped with the optional PowerSeeker sonar device, the PowerDolphin can map the ocean floor, plus it can detect fish within a range of 131 ft (40 m). It can then release bait to attract them (from an optional towable hopper), plus it can be used to troll for them using an attached line and lure.

Additionally, the watercraft can even deliver life preservers to struggling swimmers, and release its tow cable once it gets to them.

The PowerDolphin has a top speed of 13 mph (21 km/h), and can reportedly run for up to two hours on one charge of its battery. It's being unveiled this week at CES, and should be available for US$749 starting in April.

You can see it in action, in the video below.

Source: PowerVision

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