Precision Guidance Kit (PGK) making cannons more accurate

Precision Guidance Kit (PGK) making cannons more accurate
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August 17, 2006 As we reported on July 6, BAE Systems was recently selected to participate in the U.S. Army's six-month Precision Guidance Kit (PGK) technology development program designed to make cannons MUCH more accurate. While the first increment of the PGK program is focused on improving accuracy of 155-mm rounds, BAE Systems today released the first look at a 105-mm projectile equipped with the company's PGK solution hardware (that's it standing upright in attached photo). You can also see a video of this technology here.

BAE Systems' solution for PGK is the two-directional Course Correcting Fuze (CCF). The company has tested more than 100 155-mm CCF fuzes, (lower left of pic) in laboratory and gun-fired environments including a successful gun-fired demonstration at the Army's Yuma Proving Ground in 2005 that showed rounds equipped with CCF were at least three times more accurate than conventional rounds.

As BAE Systems prepares to deliver 155-mm fuzes to the Army for the competitive technology development program, the company will continue to test and refine its design for the 105-mm CCF as a solution for future phases of PGK development, which will focus on improving 105-mm projectile accuracy.

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