Preparations for world's first human landing WITHOUT a parachute

Preparations for world's first human landing WITHOUT a parachute
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January 3, 2005 Jumping out of a plane without a parachute is not something we recommend but that's exactly what B.A.S.E. jumper Jeb Corliss has been doing to help pave the way for the world's first landing attempt without a parachute.Up to now, he's been testing speeds and fall rates in the wing-suit so that he can determine what's required to be able to land the wing-suit without a parachute. Corliss and Go Fast! - sponsored test pilot Luigi Cani teamed up to gather the data. Jeb flew in free fall donning a parachute alongside Luigi, who was at the controls of the world's smallest and fastest parachute-known as the ICARUS VX-39. The two were able to gather data using GPS systems attached to Luigi that tracked exact forward speeds, exact fall rate and the glide angles so the calculations could be done to determine what apparatus would be needed for a safe landing.

No-one has ever survived a landing attempt without a parachute but Corliss is adamant that he has four technologies under development that will enable him to land safely without a parachute some time on 2005, though he has not yet disclosed these technologies to the media.

"It can be done safely and it can be a repeatable process," said Corliss. "Not only do I believe I can land safely, I believe I can land safely and get up and do it again."

"We found there is a definite and reasonable speed for a landing attempt sometime next (northern) summer. We're now developing four different types of technologies to land safely-it's very important to land with zero injuries," said Corliss after analyzing data from the test flight.

Showcasing the evolution of the sport of skydiving, Luigi Cani remarked on the uniqueness of Jeb's wing-suit project. "The testing shows the technology of the sport-nowadays we can jump a parachute that flies as fast as a person in free fall and currently we're discovering technology to land a wing-suit without a parachute," said Cani. "If Jeb lands the wing-suit without a parachute and survives-he is going to be my hero," added Cani.

The project is being sponsored by Go Fast Sports & Beverage Co., the producer of Go Fast Energy Drink and Go Fast Sports Apparel.

Go here to check out video of Jeb and Luigi during testing

If you like the look of Jeb's wing-suit, you can buy one here

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in WWII several people walked away after jumping from planes without a parachute. Steep slopes, deep snow, and in one case a weakened glass and steel roof were credited for cushioning the impact.