Proibito (Forbidden) Yacht Concept

Proibito (Forbidden) Yacht Concept
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Grande's C52 design earned him a nomination for the European Ship of the Year award
Grande's C52 design earned him a nomination for the European Ship of the Year award
The Sessa Marine Yacht C52
The Sessa Marine Yacht C52
The Sessa Marine Yacht C52
The Sessa Marine Yacht C52
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June 20, 2006 At just 33 years of age, Christian Grande is very young for a yacht designer with a long professional career and some serious international achievements behind him. In 2005. Grande won the prestigious “Yacht 2005 European Trophy 50/60’Open” design award during the Cannes Boat Show with a nomination for the European Ship of the Year award for his Yacht C52 project for the Sessa Marine shipyard. Now Grande is pushing the edge of the envelope in nautical design again with his Proibito (Italian for “forbidden”) concept. The Proibito is designed to “disappear all the mechanical components of steering and navigation through the utilization of distinctive kinematic systems”, permiting a complete levelling of the deck and the consequent transformation into a completely open yacht. A word of warning – it may look innocent and relaxed and dinghy-like, but with 950 horsepower and a top speed of 60 knots, the Proibito is deceptive in its appearance.

Grande’s company works not just in yacht design these days, offering its product design services across many commercial disciplines.

We asked Christian to explain Proibito and his words are reproduced in their original form:

This possibility is an absolute innovation in the yachting field. Admiring Proibito that from a simple rubber dinghy conceived as technique and reason, changes into an open area of emotional swaps, has something magic. The available surfaces expand, so that even a small boat can become extremely pleasant and comfortable, giving to the surrounding landscape the evocative importance of protagonist. It is possible to utilize Proibito both as a high-level tender and as a boat for short excursions.

Modular TransformationProibito is completely in conformity with the concept of modulation, finding spaces and shapes that have never been taken into consideration in nautical design. The relaxing area at the bow and the central area can be separately transformed, according to different necessities. In addition, it is possible to lower the driving console and to lift the communication trench in few seconds thanks to servo-controlled systems, making the central area a sole trampling plane.

In the meanwhile, a manual system permits the same transformation at the bow by lowering the tables and the sitting places. Moreover, in the plane completely open it is possible to raise the console area in few seconds for some necessities to reach the toilette or the stowage zone and reach the cited spaces situated in the bottom’s V. This transformation is possible thanks to the deep competences of naval engineering accumulated since the beginning of the 90s by Christian Grande&Partners; Design studio. Living Nature The rubber dinghy is traditionally conceived as a technical mean used to sail the sea, but now it stops and makes room for the silence, the sun and the nature of the bay that surrounds it. A new way of living the sea with a motor boat that becomes an intimate and prohibited place, where it is possible to read an interesting book, to lie in the sun and to have some drinks with friends. It is the place where people talk but do not shout, and where good taste dominates. Proibito, where nothing is prohibited, shakes all conventions and converts a rubber dinghy into a single “sun dress” to share with affectionate people and friends.

Naval Technique Nothing is prohibited for Proibito. It is born for living nature but, as it happens for any luxury object, it desires to reach it quickly, without any wait. The inboard engine propulsion with surface propellers transmission permits low frictions and higher performances. This propulsive plan follows directly the offshore world.

Innovative Design The “tatami” effect strikes with its low, minimalist and elegant furnishing and pillows. The precious woods cover all the horizontal surfaces in order to obtain a single communication trench. The access to the toilette and the stowage area, situated next to the driving console, can be completely hidden.

Development programmes Proibito is a concept with several possibilities to find a shipyard qualified to transform it in reality. In fact, these real innovations have brought important contacts. Nevertheless, Christian Grande&Partners; always pursues new opportunities, in order to follow its ideas and to create new exchange possibilities.


Overall length: 10.70 mOverall beam: 3.70 m Power: 950 HPTop Speed: 60 knotsFuel capacity: 700 lConstruction: composite aramid Kevlar

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