Today’s projectors are great at bringing to life big screen movies in the home or creating large visual point-of-sale displays for the general public in retail environments. However, a couple of downsides to projectors are the noise the fans inside them make as they cool the lamp, and then there’s the difficulty in changing a blown lamp because of inaccessibility to the unit (which usually means balancing on a ladder with your head pressed against the ceiling. Norwegian projector manufacturer Projectiondesign has created the FR12 Remote Light Source (RLS) projector – launched at Integrated Systems Europe 2010 (Feb 2-4) - which relocates the lamp from the projector to a rack-mount enclosure up to 30m from the projector head. Light from the RLS illuminates the projector head via an innovative Liquid Light Guide (LLG) lead.

This results in a compact, ruggedized, virtually maintenance-free projector head with completely silent operation. Installation is much easier with no ventilation or orientation worries and lamp maintenance is much simpler.

This makes the FR12 Remote Light Source projector a good choice for 24/7 operation and applications where fan noise and heat management are issues, as well as in any location where projector access is restricted.

“At the forefront of creating some of the most exciting technologies and innovative products, Projectiondesign has made history by producing innovative projectors that are compact, bright and high-resolution,” says Projectiondesign International Marketing and Communications Manager Anders Løkke.

“Now we are taking projection technology a step further in simplifying maintenance, eliminating noise and dissipating heat, as well as offering greater integration and installation flexibility. A typical application would be a 24/7 command and control room environment.”

Projectiondesign has been at the forefront of many projection technology milestones, including the introduction of the world’s first single-chip SXGA DLP projector in 2002, the first commercially available 1080p DLP projector in 2006, the first WUXGA resolution DLP projector and the first portable and high-resolution active 3D stereoscopic projector in 2008. In 2009, Projectiondesign introduced its first 3-chip projector and made its first foray into LED illumination.

Pricing and availability will be announced during ISE 2010.

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