Proscope digital microscope

Proscope digital microscope
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The advent of digital imaging has had far reaching implications for consumers and professionals alike; digital cameras, DVDs and web-cams have all made a difference in the way we view, transmit and access images, but few will have more widespread and constructive impact than the digital microscope.

Looking like an instrument that a doctor might use to examine your inner ear, the ProScope's digital microscope is a handheld digital device that can display and capture true-colour images on your computer via a USB connection. The ProScope comes with a 50x lens as standard and 1-10x, 100x and 200x can be added as well as an industry standard 16mm c-mount adapter, which enables existing microscope, telescope or camera lenses with the same mount to be used on the ProScope. This means that the range of magnification is equal to any conventional microscope - excluding electron microscopes - and the ProScope can be double as a still camera, capturing 640 X 480 images, or as a video-camera, producing 320 X 200 images, with a time-lapse setting also incorporated.

The usability of the ProScope is enhanced by the lack of batteries or power supply as everything is drawn through the USB connection to the computer. It's versatility not only makes it an ideal tool in medicine and educational aid - no more wait

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