April 30, 2009 The PS3’s recent 2.70 firmware update saw the capability for in-game text chat for 16 people at a time added to the console, a function that can be accessed via Sony’s QWERTY Wireless Keypad. Anyone balking at Sony’s USD$50 asking price might want to check out an alternative - though not quite as slick - option from video game accessory manufacturer Blaze.

The Blaze Wireless Controller Keyboard retains access to all the controller’s existing buttons and functions when connected to a controller via a clear plastic clip. While Sony’s device sports sexier curves and uses the PS3’s built-in Bluetooth to communicate with the console, the Blaze unit relies on a 2.4GHz USB dongle. But at less than half the price of Sony’s device you can’t expect everything.

The Blaze Wireless Controller Keyboard will be available from May for UKP£14.99 in Europe and USD$10.90 in the US.

Darren Quick

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