PupSTEP pet stairs for your pooch

PupSTEP pet stairs for your po...
PupSTEP pet stairs
PupSTEP pet stairs
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PupSTEP pet stairs
PupSTEP pet stairs
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If your pampered pooch or elderly cat struggles to get on the couch, the bed, or into the car, pet stairs could be the solution. This example from Solvit - the PupSTEP Stairs - features a lightweight, portable design made from durable plastic in neutral colors that won't clash heavily with your home décor.

Weighing just 5 lbs., the stairs are highly portable but strong enough to support a pet or person of up to 120 lbs. Durable indoor/outdoor carpet lines the stairs and the plastic construction means they can be cleaned easily with soap and water. They also fold up so they can be put away for easy storage.

The stairs come fully assembled so your only task it to teach your animal how to use them. Safety side rails have been built into the design in order to help your pet can climb up and down without being afraid. As well as providing easy access to your couch or bed, the stairs can also be used to help pets get in and out of car back seats. The makers recommend the stairs only be used for small to medium sized pets.

The PupSTEP Stairs are available from several online retailers for USD$42.99.

Via Solvit Products.

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Seems a good idea and price is also affordable.
Stair Nosings
Haha, I absolutely love this! I have a cat that is absolutely hell-bent on trying to get on our Divan Bed - but it\'s too tall for him to get up! This is brilliant, definitely will invest.
Thanks, Rachel.